Director: Paco Arnal (Tel. 670 336 283)

At the age of 24 years, Equestrian Center Director Paco Arnal, was initiated in the management of a sports horse.

Based on a lot of effort and work, he decided to surrender to the horses and start to improve facilities.

The first mare was purchased by the Yeguada Berasaluce. Today, Hípica Rueda has 18 pure Spanish breed horses and 4 sport horses.


quienes somos 

Equestrian center with 38,000 m2 composed by professionals and with facilities and equipment to provide the best service in pupilaje, horseback riding and routes in a unique environment as the Sierra Calderona.


Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Caballos Pura Raza Española

ANCCE company registered in the National Association of Breeders of Pure Spanish Race.

Association only officially registered by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture to manage the herd book and ensure the purity of this ancient race.

ANCCE represents Purebred Spanish Horse in the COPA-COGECA (EU livestock employer) and WBFSH (World Federation of Sport Horse Breeders)

ANCCE http://www.ancce.es  
COPA-COGECA http://www.copa-cogeca.be/