Initiation routes, excursions for experienced and daring riders. Equestrian Center Hípica Rueda offers an extensive custom catalog for riding a horse through exceptional routes in the Sierra Calderona.

There are horse-riding routes of 1 or 2 hours in which you will start riding or, if you know how to ride a horse, you will have the chance to improve your experience while enjoying the surroundings in the mountain.

Available horse-riding routes at different levels;


  1. Novice riders.
  2. Daring novice riders.
  3. Experienced riders.
  4. Daring experienced riders.



Routes For Beginners

Level: Novice riders
Journey: Broseta Recreational Area
Duration: 1 hr

One hour tour that allows the contact with the horse and discover their nobility, while enjoying the nature.

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Routes For Beginners Riding lessons



More daring routes initiation

Level: Daring inexperienced.
A) 30 minutes track + 60 m route
B) 30 minutes track + 90 m route

30 minutes of class on track where the instructor explains the essential bases for the handling of the horse
60 or 90 minutes of excursion to enjoy and implement what has been learned

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60 minutes of excursion + 30 minutes of class on track 90 minutes of excursion + 30 30 minutes of class on track






Experienced routes

Level: Experienced riders
Journey: To choose between El Mirador, Potrillos, Porta Coeli, El Camping
Duration: 2 hrs


Fantastic routes where people can enjoy regardless of the level of riding.
Depending on the level, you can choose between paths to go calmly or wide roads that allow the rider to trot and gallop.

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Experienced routes



Experienced daring routes

Level: Eexperienced rider dared
Journey y Duration:

  1. La Torre. 3 - 4 hras
  2. Font del Marge. 3 - 4 hrs
  3. Masia de Tristan. 7 - 8 hrs
  4. Garbí. 5 - 6 hrs
  5. Labella 4 hrs
  6. Rebalsadores 9 hrs
  7. El Berro 6 hrs


Designed and organized excursions for experienced riders who want to enjoy the horse and unforgettable sights and places of difficult access

Stop routes fonts for the rest of the horses and riders lunch.

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Experienced daring routes: La Torre





Car trips for groups of up to 6 people visiting La Cartuja, Llano de Lucas in Sierra Calderona and personalized routes. Wedding photos and celebrations.

Duration;: Between 1 - 3 hrs


All packs include;

  • Monitor-guide
  • Material
  • Accident and civil liability insurance

1Prices valid for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

You can book by contacting with us through our formulario de contacto or phone number 670 336 283.

From Monday to Thursday, except holidays, you can also book through logo yumping es